Freddie Butler

Freddie Butler

Graham Frederick Butler, better known as “Freddie”, is a lifelong resident of Sampson County. He is the son of the late Sheriff Graham Ruffus Butler and the late Dorothy Ayleen Tart Butler.

He has been happily married to Melody Lynn Butler for soon to be 34 years! He has one sister who resides in Clinton, Marcia Jackson. She works at Capstone Bank and is married to John Jackson. He has one brother living in San Diego, Scott Butler. He works as Senior Technical Writer/Software Analyst for General Atomics and is married to Donna Butler.

Freddie and Lynn attend First Baptist Church, where he has served as a deacon.

In addition to his church, he is involved as a Mason and member of Hiram Lodge No. 98 since 1998. He is a member of Sudan Shriners since 2004 and in 2012 became a member of the Sudan Roadsters. As a member of both, Freddie is very committed to raising funds to help support the Shriners Hospital’s for Children.

After graduating from Clinton High School in 1976, he attended Sampson Community College where he studied Criminal Justice to prepare himself for a career in Law Enforcement. He first started in the Criminal Justice system as a uniformed enforcement officer with the State of North Carolina DMV as a process officer. He also worked with the Motor Carrier Division, “known by most as the weight man”.

In 1992, he was promoted to the rank of Inspector, “plain clothes division”. In 1995, he was called to Raleigh Headquarters to work what later turned out to be the largest odometer rollback case in the history of DMV. In 2003, he was promoted to the rank of 1st Lieutenant for District II in Cumberland County and later served as the Captain for this same District.

In late 2006, he was called to Raleigh Headquarters to serve as the Assistant Supervisor in Internal Affairs and later in that same year was promoted to the Assistant Director of Internal Affairs.

In 2007, he was promoted to the position of Assistant Director over the Eastern portion of the State which consists of 51 counties. He supervised the personnel of 4 Districts encompassing these 51 counties. In late 2007, he was asked to work the Western portion of the State, made up also of 4 Districts encompassing the remaining 49 counties of the State.

In the summer of 2008, he was promoted to the Deputy Director of Administration. This position was in charge of finances and budgetary issues.

In 2009, he was promoted to the position of Deputy Director of Operations. This position supervised all personnel for the State agency and field operations. He continued in this capacity until his retirement in January 2012, serving the State of North Carolina with Integrity, Commitment and Dedication with the oldest Law Enforcement Agency in the State.

Upon his retirement in January of 2012, Freddie was awarded by the Governor with the order of the Long Leaf Pine.
Freddie has received hundreds of hours of specialized training relating to criminal investigations and countless hours of training relating specifically in the areas of supervision and management of personnel.

Over the past 23 years, Freddie has been directly involved in agriculture business as a partner in our areas pork production.
Freddie is a man who loves and cherishes his family, church and friends. He was raised in the belief that his word is his bond. He was taught that you make every effort to give a person the opportunity to prove themselves and if they don’t, you do what you are morally obligated to do. He is Honest, dependable, trustworthy and a man full of integrity and character.

I have been dedicated and committed to a life of Law Enforcement and now wish to continue that commitment here in the county of which I was born and raised, Sampson County. The same Integrity, Dedication and Drive that I had as a State Officer for the people of the State of North Carolina will be exemplified to the citizens of Sampson County as your Sheriff. I will strive as your Sheriff to ensure that the personnel of the Sheriff’s Office are responsive to the needs and concerns of every citizen. To accomplish this I will need your support and vote on May 6th.

Freddie Butler
Candidate for Sheriff
Sampson County