Maintaining and Defending the Second Amendment

Wednesday, January 15th, 2014 @ 3:58AM

There have been shooting incidents all across our nation. We are reminded by these tragedies just how deranged and evil some people can be.

Many concerned citizens have asked for my position on the issue of gun control. As your Sheriff, I will support, maintain and defend every law abiding citizens Second Amendment right. I do not feel that a law can be constructed or enforced that will totally stop the sad reality of gun violence. However, as your Sheriff, I will do everything within my power to protect and defend you from criminals who abuse those rights.

We have a current system mandated by law to perform background checks on every person wishing to obtain a gun permit for the legal purchase of a weapon. Laws are in place and must be enforced for those choosing to conduct the sale of weapons to individuals who have not gone through this process. We in the profession of Law Enforcement make every effort to enforce these laws so that guns are not easily obtained by criminals with evil intentions. As your Sheriff, I give you my word that I and my staff will work to prevent such tragedies from occurring. We will be prepared to respond swiftly to acts of gun violence should such take place.

Freddie Butler
Candidate for Sheriff
Sampson County

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