The Issues

  1. It is my obligation to Serve & Protect so that the citizens of this county may enjoy a better quality of life. My office will always be open to the needs and concerns of everybody regardless of race or religion! The security of this county and the prosperity of its people can rely on me for leadership of this office.
  2. To be better stewards with regard to finances of the Sheriff’s Office. Our tax dollars should never be wasted. We need to be accountable of all monies being spent and make sure they are utilized in the areas most needed to perform the responsibilities that each member of the Sheriff’s Office took an oath to uphold.
  3. To review the policies and practices of the Sheriff’s Office to see which are working and which are not. Those that are working will continue to operate and will be improved upon. It will be my commitment to insure a responsive agency to the needs and concerns of the citizens of Sampson County. Any current programs or practices that do not provide the assistance needed by our citizens will be discontinued.
  4. To establish a neighborhood watch program in all county townships. Providing a Deputy that is assigned in each of these townships, to be a direct point of contact for the citizens of each area.
  5. I will strive to make each of these concerns become a reality so as to present a much better image of the Sheriff’s Office but most importantly, to provide better protection for our citizens.

I am asking that each of you, share with me your concerns of what you feel are important, so that we may work together towards building a safer, more productive county in which to live. It takes time to bring about change but the only way it will occur is for all of us to communicate our thoughts and work together to implement them.

Gun Control

Maintaining and Defending the Second Amendment

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